Most people won't be lucky enough to ever get to Antarctica, so we have built the below app so you can go all Shackleton and explore the great continent.

Click on the different hotspots for a virtual tour, where you can look around 360 degrees, walk around, into buildings and different rooms. Zoom in to inspect items in detail and access all areas.

Navigation can be a bit fiddly in the virtual tour mode, so click on the panel to the right for some tips on how to get around in the virtual world.
Tips on navigating and using the interactive maps
Click on a hotspot to enter a virtual tour, hover over each one for information.

Once within a virtual tour, separate navigation appears.

Use the arrow buttons in the top left corner to look up, down and around 360 degrees.

Use the plus and minus buttons to zoom in and out.

As you move around, you will see white arrows and hotspots appear on the floor, click these to move in that direction. This also enables you to move in and out of buildings and different rooms.

You can also use your mouse to click and drag to look around.

There is a full screen button in the top right corner, click this again to return to normal view.